Baby Girl vs High Quality Mens Bracelet

Never before we have faced the quality issue as often as we do today. Is the product offered really worth the price? Is it really the quality and the materials that are used, or is it, unfortunately, as is so often the case, just a marketing strategy that is almost used by companies/brands these days to place your low to medium-priced products at a high price in the luxury segment? It is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to understand whether the product they bought actually does what the advertiser promises and suggests. Especially on the social media platforms, the customer is showered by the large reach and an ever-increasing flood of offers. A very good example of this is the jewellery segment, in which people like to throw things around quickly and happily with terms such as luxury men necklaces or high quality mens bracelet. The professional product images are designed to remove the last doubts and encourage consumers to buy. If you then take a closer look at the product descriptions, you will quickly find that it is often stainless steel or silver-plated brass that the customer should be sold as a luxury product. We at Phyniton also receive emails from customers more often asking us what distinguishes us from other brands/competitors and why our prices are often above average. In the beginning, it is certainly not easy to convince the partially already unsettled consumer that and why we are "different" than the majority of our competitors, but for each individual customer we take the time to explain to them in a very transparent and credible manner makes us special. The high-quality demands on ourselves, the really amazing creative thoughts and ideas of our designers, the very high-quality precious metals like our premium sterling silver and sometimes rare stones that we use in our small manufactory and then ultimately to produce completely handmade luxury jewellery are often the best proof of the passion with which we manufacture our products in small series and manufacture limited quantities.

At the beginning of this week, we received an email from one of our long-standing and satisfied customers, in which he wanted to inform us about an incident with two of our bracelets. He did a photoshoot with his little daughter, but she quickly got bored. He gave her both of his bracelets to play with so that she was a little distracted and he could finish the shoot. Suddenly everything happened very quickly and his little daughter started the ultimate and toughest endurance test on our bracelets that can be carried out. Fortunately, he had the camera in his hand at that moment and was able to capture the incident with these three pictures. If we look at these pictures, we can see very well that the little girl took her job as a tester very seriously. The bracelets were unfortunately completely expanded afterwards and of course, we could not repair or replace them free of charge with our lifelong guarantee, but we made a suggestion to our customer, with which he immediately agreed. He donated € 100.00 to our children's cancer project and we repaired the bracelets for him.

The charity idea behind Phyniton and the donation project, which we support on every sale, then usually convince the toughest doubters. We are currently working on new collections, are in the process of the realizing very exciting cooperation with a really great and famous personality and there is still a lot of work ahead of us, but we are already looking forward to inspiring you with breathtaking creations and projects.

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