Is a Bracelet for Father’s Day a Good Gift Idea?

Is a Bracelet for Father’s Day a Good Gift Idea?

Finding that perfect Father’s Day gift is never as simple or straightforward as a lot of people try and make it out to be. For starters, the cold hard truth the matter is most of our dads are pretty good about getting themselves whatever they want when they want it – and it’s almost impossible to find something for the guy that seemingly has everything.

 On top of that, trying to find a Father’s Day gift that isn’t a tie, a belt buckle, or another round of golf can feel like running a marathon uphill the whole time. There just aren’t that many Father’s Day specific gift ideas out there as there are for Mother’s Day, for example. Thankfully though, there are a couple of gifts that your dad is always going to appreciate – and one of them is a piece of jewellery that you’ve carefully selected for them specifically. Below we dig a little deeper into what you should be thinking about when purchasing jewellery for Father’s Day, finding the right piece that they’ll treasure for a lifetime and a piece that really symbolizes the relationship you and he have with one another.

 A Unique, Special Gift to Celebrate Your Dad
The men’s jewellery market may be flooded with more options than ever before right now, but again sifting through all of those choices to find the right piece for your dad is going to take some time and some research. This is, after all, gift for Father’s Day – and that means it’s going to have a little bit more sentiment and a little bit more meaning behind it and it needs to be unique. The last thing you want to do is buy him the same watch that his company gave him when he retired (for example), or surprise him with another generic chain necklace that he can add to his collection of almost identical pieces he already owns.

A bracelet, on the other hand, is going to stand out almost immediately. For starters, this usually isn’t a piece of jewellery that a lot of men have already purchased for themselves – even though bracelets are red-hot in the world of fashion right now. Secondly, bracelets have a lot more “creative freedom” about them when it comes to their design and the materials they are made of, and that opens up a world of opportunities for you to check out when you want to get the right one for your dad.

Keep Things Simple, But Significant

We can tell you this when you are searching for the perfect bracelet for Father’s Day, and it’s that you want to keep things simple but significant as much as possible. Some of the bracelets out there today are all over the place, are pretty loud and are practically begging for attention when a man wears them, but other bracelets are little more subdued, little more neutral, and a little more personal. These are the kinds of bracelets that dads are going to appreciate on Father’s Day the most, that’s for sure.

Look for something that they’ll be able to wear on a regular basis (maybe something that partners with their favourite watch or matches their wedding ring, for example), something that works with all of their outfits – whether that’s business, casual, or really formal – and you’ll have picked the perfect bracelet that they’ll create a lifetime of memories wearing while thinking of you.

Match the Design and Materials to Dad’s Personality

Of course, if your dad has a louder personality and doesn’t mind wearing accessories that draw a bit of attention all on their own there’s no reason that you can’t go all out and get a bracelet that matches this aesthetic right down to the ground. Plenty of bracelets use a variety of different materials – metals, stones, glass, beads, etc. – that you’ll have no trouble mixing and matching different components to find a bracelet that matches their “energy” very well. As long as you take into account the kind of style and the kind of personality that they have really made their own you won’t have any trouble whatsoever getting the perfect bracelet for your dad moving forward!

The Perfect Bracelet Gift for Father’s Day

Of course, if you really want to make sure that the bracelet you’ve picked for Father’s Day is simple but significant, unique and semi-custom, you really can’t go wrong with the bracelet options from Phyniton. These beaded style bracelets are 100% handmade, feature a lifetime guarantee, and give you a lot more control over the creative process that you wouldn’t ever have had with more traditional jewellery store options. Phyniton bracelets put you in the driver seat to tinker with and toy with their overall semi-custom designs to find something that really embodies your dad perfectly. This is the kind of Father’s Day gift they aren’t ever going to forget, and the kind of Father’s Day gift that none of their fellow father friends is going to be receiving, either – mostly because this gives really is a one-of-a-kind type of purchase.

These bracelets are very masculine, are available in a wide variety of sizes (you can customize these bracelets to match the wrist size of your dad without any trouble whatsoever), and can be customized to be as loud and as bold as you would like them to be – or as subtle and as minimalist as you’d like them to be, too. Of course, if you’re looking for a bit of a last-minute kind of gift idea ahead of Father’s Day but still want to pick up one of these great pieces of jewellery you can order one of the preconfigured options from the numerous collections of designs available “right out of the box”.

You can’t go wrong with our Phyniton bracelets!

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