We at Phyniton work exclusively with small suppliers, manufacturers and family businesses, as we appreciate their wonderful and traditional handcraft and want to help it continue to exist. Each of our beautiful silver or gold beads is made into a work of art with a lot of flair, years of experience and a lot of hand movements, and that is exactly what makes our bracelets so special. We do not support mass production but focus on quality, limited quantities and unique models that are designed by our own designers. And it is precisely this passion that drives us day by day, in order to continually produce new and exclusive bracelets for you, which you will still love wearing a few years after purchase.

For the production of our bracelets we use only 925 sterling silver and the best stones that nature has to offer. Our gold bracelets have 22 carat gold plating. They are specially made to last for many years under normal use. The black gold bracelets are coated with black rhodium. All precious metals we use are of high quality and will last for many years with normal use. Please note, however, that the sweat of every person, the humidity and air pollution in each city or country are different and can have an impact on the wear. So that you can enjoy our bracelets for as long as possible, you will find our important and useful tips under "Care instructions". If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us.