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The red tiger eye promotes motivation, self-confidence and self-confidence, and also gives the wearer vitality and passion in each of his projects. He can improve the balance in his own energy field and make it possible to open to unconditional love. It also eliminates lethargy and helps to regain strength to tackle upcoming challenges.

The healing effect of the Onyx that is attributed to this beautiful stone, which was often used in antiquity, is comprehensive, especially at the level of the soul. Because he promotes self-confidence and assertiveness, he is often used by unsafe and shy people. People who suffer from being easily influenced by others and wanting more power and inner strength. Through this wonderful stone, they can find their way back to their self-esteem.

(All our pieces are crafted by hand. As beautiful and unique as nature is, the stones we use are too, therefore the size and colour of the stones can vary slightly.)

Stone Red Tiger Eye & Black Onyx matte
Metal 925 Premium Sterling Silver & Black Rhodium-plated
Width 8 mm
Package Luxury Jewelry Box