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The yellow tiger's eye is a notable ally of the mind that balances emotional extremes and ensures that dispersed thoughts, feelings, and information come together in meaningful ways. It enhances concentration and stability, enabling the wearer to make decisions based on reason rather than emotion. It promotes hope and confidence, resolves inner mental struggles, especially those caused by jealousy and pride. It releases creativity, thereby promoting the talents and abilities of its wearer and supporting it through the personal will to bring about positive changes.

The healing effect of the Onyx that is attributed to this beautiful stone, which was often used in antiquity, is comprehensive, especially at the level of the soul. Because he promotes self-confidence and assertiveness, he is often used by unsafe and shy people. People who suffer from being easily influenced by others and wanting more power and inner strength. Through this wonderful stone, they can find their way back to their self-esteem.

The lava stone is an important foundation stone that strengthens the connection to Mother Earth. He gives his wearer strength, courage and the necessary stability in times of change. Since he derives anger, he acts as a very reassuring stone and at the same time provides in necessary new phases of life for the necessary understanding and orientation.

(All our pieces are crafted by hand. As beautiful and unique as nature is, the stones we use are too, therefore the size and colour of the stones can vary slightly.)

Stone Yellow Tiger Eye, Black Onyx matte & Lava Stone
Metal 925 Premium Sterling Silver & Black Rhodium-plated
Width 10mm
Package Luxury Jewelry Box